View Full Version : Which random image?

MP Guy
06-12-2004, 16:50
Which random image?

Please help me decide which random image to show. I will leave both on until tomorrow or when a fair number of people have responded to the poll.

06-12-2004, 17:05
I actually liked it when it was on the left hand side of the page, though it could have been a little bigger there. IMO the preview is now a bit too big.
I am quite pleased with the fact that it now links to the photo displayed.

06-12-2004, 17:18
I like the fact that it is linked and if I ever get time to scan a couple of shots, I'd like to contribute a few myself. So much to do, no time for the important things...

Rich Silfver
06-12-2004, 20:18
I like the size of it a lot but like RML I preferred it on the left side.
Also - it would be nice to have more of the recent topics shown than the current 10. How about...15? :-)

06-13-2004, 01:51
Another vote for left side here. Nice that it links to the real photo but I guess the file is read from the full size jpg version instead of the thumbnail. Some files are pretty big and that may slow down significantly the loading for dial-up users.

Apart from that, I like it :)

06-13-2004, 10:34
I see you made the change Jorge. I like this, small thumbnail on the side that links to the gallery.