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Rich Silfver
06-12-2004, 21:10
So I put another roll through the black Olympus 35SP and ended up taking a lot of photos of walls..and ceilings...

Here are some examples, all from the same roll and shot with Tri-X 400:

#1 - This first one is from inside an abandoned military installation. On the wall are marks from soccer balls being kicked against it.

#2- This is another piece of the wall in that same military insallation.

#3 - This is the ceiling in that same place. Shot straight up.

#4 - Stone statue - infront of a stone wall.

MP Guy
06-12-2004, 21:11
Love the texture on these!

06-13-2004, 02:44
great textures, and great camera ! :-)

06-13-2004, 09:16
Soime great shots, Richard!

Rich Silfver
06-13-2004, 14:12
Jos, it's time you post some of your own - or have I missed them?


06-13-2004, 14:23
Originally posted by rsilfverberg
Jos, it's time you post some of your own - or have I missed them?

Bingo ! :)

http://www.rangefinderforum.com/photopost/showgallery.php/ppuser/25/cat/500/password/ (the last 10)

And more here:

Oscar (aka taffer and sometimes jos) :) btw my favorite here is #2, like it mucho mucho !

06-13-2004, 21:01
Neat job, Richard... Only with the statue I would have tried to use a shallower DOF to prevent its blending in the background. Or was that the effect you wanted to achieve?

Let me be the philistine posting color (Canonet) shots here... This one is from Cartagena, Colombia, and it's not so much about texture as it is about (Elite) color.

06-13-2004, 21:04
BTW, I like your No. 3, which I would print and hang in my studio.

06-14-2004, 15:51
The statue struggles to stand out from its background, I think. #6 is most mysterious, with that dramatic lighting and the also-dramatic claw-like hand held up as if dripping with some liquid...