View Full Version : Enigmatic Kievs ?

12-23-2008, 08:14
I would just like to state how I appreciate the help that Roger has given me through books and AP over the years .

Recently , however , I appreciate the acceptance of my desperation idea to create cameras to subvert the dee'straction of relentless ASdee !

Mike Haley in Ukraine is arranging for a '' set '' of shapes ,
Kiev 2 , 3 and hybrid 3 chassis / 4 top and meter .
All recreated around my donor Kievs 2a and 3a's .

I have settled on Gunmetal blue grey metallic PAINT . This is the easiest , and wickedest , way to remove existing engraving and the numbers on the accessory shoes , without needing chroming etc .
The cameras will be stripped of flash and self timers and recovered in dark blue and grey leather ; much easer for me to do with the simplified body.

But , most enigmatic of all , they will be engraved just
'' II , III , III-IV . '' Should be nothing to dee'sturb ASdee there !

Can't wait . Happy Christmas and Gas free New Year to all !


12-23-2008, 08:23
Your machine, your ax, will be as unique as you yourself are, dee, and Lord knows that's a good thing. Enjoy & burn lots of film with them.

(still waiting on my Contax II to get back from repairs, alas. 'bout going through withdrawls... :eek: )