View Full Version : Help mounting Elmar 4/90 on Visoflex 1

12-20-2008, 06:39

Anyone here knows the five letter magical code for the focussing mount which will allow to mount the head of an Elmar 4/90 on a Visoflex I (i.e. LTM)?
I did find that the OUAGO can be used to mount it on a Visoflex II, but that's not what I'm looking for.

12-20-2008, 12:31
The Visoflex I is too long to allow using the Elmar 4/90 lens head + some type of short focusing mount and still maintain infinity focus. I just double checked a couple of references that confirm this. The lens head of the Elmar was removable well before the Visoflex II and the OUAGO were introduced. As such, it could mounted to the COOED short focusing mount which worked with the Focoslide focusing stage. There also was an adapter - UOOWV - that allowed mounting the Elmar lens head to the Bellows I that worked with the Visoflex I, but I am sure this configuration was for close-up work only. And there were other possibilities, but none that allow mounting an Elmar 90 to a Viso I and still get infinity focus.

You may just have to break down and get a Viso II and then you'll have to get a ......... and so on.

Al Kaplan
12-20-2008, 12:44
At one time I had a 90mm Elmar and the short focusing mount for the Visoflex II. At best the 90mm lenses could be used for close-ups on the Visoflx I.

Ronald M
12-20-2008, 23:38
Head alone can be put on the UVOOD in turn on the bellows one. It will not go to infinity like the 135 will.

A 90 will got to infinity on the bellows 2