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05-17-2005, 07:22
I want to check if my R-D1 is in 100% shape, in sence of RF alignment,
focus accuracy, hot pixels and so on...

But since i'm new to RF camera's i need some help in order
to do this the right and most accurate way...

I use a Summicron 50/2 (the new version) if this matter for
the testing...?

I really appreciate any help...

Thanks In advance...

Best Regards

Alexander Tufte

Doc William
05-17-2005, 10:52

Re RF Alignment: I went into a well lit space with my 50mm, my kitchen, and then tryed to line up something with writing. In my case it was a coffee maker with Braun written across the top. That is when I found the Viewfinder was out of vertical allignment. Up till then I had been shooting under low light conditions or using a wide angle and it wasn't that noticeable. But I knew something was off.

Ed Schwartzreic
05-17-2005, 11:41

If you search in this forum you will find lengthy descussion about lining up objects -- bookcases, pictures on the wall, etc. -- to test for framing accuracy. Ditto references for hot pixel checking.

To check focus, put your R-D1 on a tripod or other support, line up a yardstick or meterstick extending in front of it, and wide-open, focus your Summicron, at its closest focus at one of the numbers in the middle of the stick. You may have to move the stick back and forth to get a number on it which lines up at closest focus; some people place the stick slightly diagonally, When you examine your image, see if the sharpest focus is at the chosen point, with a fall-off before and behind, or whether, as has been the usual case with a poorly-adjusted R-D1's RF, it front-focuses instead. Repeat this whole procedure several times if you find a problem; there is a learning curve to using the R-D1's rangefinder.

Repeat this procedure at 2 meters and 5 meters. For infinity, it is usually enough to see if the rangefinder lines up objects correctly at that point.

If focus is incorrect, it helps to try another M-mount lens also, just in case there was something wrong with your original len's adjustment. If it happens with a 2nd lens, you have a focus accurancy problem. Again search the archives as there is plenty written on what to do about this.

Hope this helps.


05-21-2005, 01:07

Thank you guys, i think i'm one of he lucky ones ...
No focus problems, no hotpixel's, ok viewfinder allignment, not
perfect, but not so bad that i want to send it in for a new one, i
dont dare, after reading this forum i think the chances of getting
a new one wich is this good are very small, so i think i will learn to
live with this one...

Is there a way to fix the viewfinder alignment by myself or trought
a camera repair office...?

Thanks for all the help...

Best Regards

Alexander Tufte