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Doc William
05-14-2005, 11:25
Hey gang,

I went to FAQ and could not get an answer to my problem. I have been trying for a day to download an avatar. It keeps telling me my file is too big. Photoshop tells me it is below the 20 KB size limit and less than 125x125. I do have .jpg as a file extension and I am using Apple Safari as a browser (is it a Browser problem?). DPI is 75.
For fun, I reduced the image to less than 10x10 pixels on my desktop (the image was smaller than the head of a pin there) and the Avatar program on the Forum said the image is still to big.

Thanks in advance :bang: ,
PS Will I have problems attaching images as well?

back alley
05-14-2005, 12:36
this is a case for our fearless leader.

i was about to recommend making it smaller just to check and then read that you had tried that.

i suggest that while you wait for jorge (p.m. him for a faster reply) maybe try it again.

sometimes that works for me.

Gabriel M.A.
05-14-2005, 16:24
Doc: There is a threshold for JPEG files, no matter how much compression you do. Instead of trying to save as a JPEG, try to save as a GIF file...that may be what's going on. Give it a spin.

05-14-2005, 16:41
I wanted to change mine too and had no problem just now.
The long side was 125 pixels and after "saveing to web" in PS in was only 3.987K in size jpeg, but it loaded without any trouble.
Good luck ~ ; - )

05-14-2005, 16:46
the linitation is 125x125 pixels. So anything less than that should allow it to upload.

Doh... just re-read... Change the dpi to 72. The cgi script is probably seeing something odd, the expected dpi is likely to be 72 pixels per inch

05-14-2005, 16:50
Sorry - look up. he said something about 75dpi and rung an alarm in my head (wish that wouldn't happen).

Try 72, dpi that is

05-14-2005, 20:48
I use a mac powerbook and Gimp, an open source graphics program,(sometimes photoshop, but didn't use it for my avater) and fox fire as a web browser. I hadno problem uploading it to the RFF. I wasn't able to do so the first day I joined this forum. I see that you registered this month.