View Full Version : So Easy, A Caveman Can Use It......Yeah, Right !!

11-19-2008, 15:12
I just purchased an Olympus Stylus 1020. It's touted as being real easy to use, so small, a real nice looking camera with all the features one could want.

It is small and pretty, I'll say that. It sure has many nice features. When you look at the layout of the controls it indeed appears it would be easy to use.

Now look at the Instruction Book !! While you're looking at the book you better grab a magnifying glass. Hell, you better grab a microscope.

The printing is quite small. The controls are quite small, then what would one expect on a small camera. When you read the book you see that you must press a combination of buttons to get to a particular function.
Excuse me but this is new to me. I'm a Mavica guy just trying to leap into the correct century.

I'll be spending some time reading the book and seing if my fingers are talented enough to multi-purpose.

More later.