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rami G
05-14-2005, 10:17
Hi all,

After using the RD-1 for a while I realized I am not willing to live with the high number hot pixels, which are showing even in 400 iso 1/60 for example... and with some other minor issues (battery needle would not calibrate). I called Epson and was told to contact Tri-state Camera, epson's repair representatives in Manhattan. I left my camera there around 3 weeks ago or little more. When I contacted them recently, they informed me that Epson does not repair, but replaces the camera. Since the camera was on back order I was told they would contact me as soon as they get one. When I called again, couple of days ago, they told me that they tried to contact Epson again, that my old camera is still there and that they don't know yet how to handle the situation. They mentioned that my old camera is still there, for couple of times, as if they were expecting me to say "oh, no problem then, I'll just pick up my old camera". Can anybody give me a hint about how to resolve the issue? is there a special epson USA phone number that will allow me to speak to someone that heard the combination "RD-1" before (unlike the people from Epson I have actually spoken to?). I am really furstrated about the situation and more about knowing that my camera is just waiting in the store until someone will find out what they are supposed to do. I would appreciate any advice,

Doc William
05-14-2005, 13:23
Hi Rami,

I am sorry for your frustration and I wish I had an answer, but I don't. I am using your post as a warning to others that may be buying this camera in the near future.

Like you I had problems with my first (viewfinder misalligned) which I did not diagnose for a couple of weeks until I got my 50/1.4 lens. When I talked to my original salesman at Calumet he said he would have to talk to Epson but felt he would have to send it back for repair. I said this was unacceptable because the problem with the camera was there out of the box. I was new to using the Rangefinder and I thought it was something I would have to get used to. It wasn't until I was buying my 50,mm and the salesman put it on a M7 that I learned of the problem with my camera.

After waiting a couple days and not hearing from the salesman I called my local Calumet (San Frasncisco) and asked to talk to the store manager. After explaining my saga to this gentleman, he agreed and asked me to bring my defective camera down for an immediate exchange.

What he told me was DO NOT send in your registration to Epson until you are completely satisfied with your purchase. I know it sounds completely Counterintuitive and their literature makes it sound like the wrath of God will fall upon you unless you immediately send in your registration. (Also, once you load the software, it immediately wants you to register). JUST SAY NO. He also said that in the state of California, it is never necessary to register anything and still be under warranty. Hold on to your receipt.

Discuss with your dealer their exchange policy before buying the camera.

Again Rami, I am sorry for your frustration and can completely relate.


05-14-2005, 13:28
Call epson america again and demand action! Talk to the second line support or ask to speak to customer relations. Unfortunatly it is the load obnoxious person who gets service first.

RObert Budding
05-14-2005, 13:32
Email a link to this thread to Epson. A number of potential customers are very interested in how they resolve this problem.


05-14-2005, 19:44
Hmmm, I am on my 4th replacement so far so each time I just called Epson support, send them the camera and about 10 days later, a new one shows up...

So far so good on this one. I hope it stays that way....