View Full Version : I snagged another XA2...

eli griggs
11-15-2008, 17:53
tonight for just $3.12 at a Value Village, running in on a whim to see what they might have in the camera case as we circled back to a Wendy's for small Frosties after a run to the market.

It works perfectly, including the flash and other than some missing paint on the back door and some of the finish looking extra matt the cosmetics aren't too bad. I'll tape quick reference label on the back door like I did on my other XA2 and load this one with color, which I usually don't carry loaded. I'll also replace the seals on the door, just because their old.

I like these little cameras for their 'toteabilty', there always seems there's room in a bag or garment for one or two and the image quality is quite nice. In the XA2 I had in my small bag tonight, with the Leica IIIc, I'm shooting some 32 asa b&w stuff for fun. I don't normally like to switch film mid roll and often times there's not time or I'm shooting in addition to what's in my primary carry.

Is anyone else carrying more than one of these as 'back-up cameras as well?


11-15-2008, 18:33
yup,i have an XA2. Take it with me to work many days.

11-16-2008, 00:21
I like XA2 very much as an object, how it's designed; but can't get used to it, unfortunately. My biggest pain is shutter release - I don't like long travel releases, but this "0/1" solution also isn't exactly my cup of tea. Lens and metering are very nice, though.

If I sell it, probably then I'd feel I need it :)