View Full Version : 35 SP for Parts?

10-14-2008, 14:17
Hi all,

I have an olympus 35 SPN that I got off of eBay. After cleaning out a whole lot of sand (somehow got in everywhere but the lens), a test roll showed that the frames frequently overlapped, and sometimes the film didn't advance at all. After removing the bottom plate, I found that a cam that advanced the gears was completely worn. My guess is that a previous owner got to the end of the roll, and kept on pressing the lever.

Since the differences between the SP and SPn are mostly cosmetic, a replacement cam from from a SP would probably work fine. I was wondering if anyone had a SP that was beyond repair (lens missing or cracked, shutter dead) they could send to me (or if you're handy with jewlers' screwdrivers, just the cam itself). I'll gladly pay for postage, plus whatever price you think is fair. I'd also be glad to send a print as a token of thanks (if I manage to find a darkroom near me).