View Full Version : Kiev 4 Type 2 take up spool

John Bailey
06-04-2004, 10:58
I have a Kiev 4 type 2. The take up spool has a centered slit+metal clip to secure the film. I have to trim the leader or fold the film to fit. Is this the normal take up spool?


06-04-2004, 11:32
Hi John,

well I have a couple of take up spools like yours in my Kievs, and after examining the situation I decided to trim the leader and use it that way without problems. Curiously, the Feds-Zorkis all have a "normal" take up spool...

Another option would be to fold it, I suppose, but you can also build your own easy to load spool, this is a link to the how-to, part of the website of another member of this forum, ZeissFan.


Best !


06-04-2004, 12:58
I've never actually seen an orginal Kiev take-up spool. The only ones I have ever seen were adapted from film cassettes.

It's possible that what you have is the spool from a reloadable cassette. The center clip or slot is usually the hint that tells you it was once inside of a cassette.

If you use the link above to make your own from a disposable cassette spool it will be a lot easier to handle.

I have also successfully used the removeable takeup spool from an Exakta. You might have to remove the clip and reverse it since I think the Exakta takeup turns in the opposite direction.