View Full Version : XA vs. Minox? How do you shoot? etc.

09-23-2008, 20:31
I've been alternating between my XA and Minox GL for the past few months and just mentally comparing how I shoot them differently. First off, with the XA and RF I shoot just like it was a "real" camera only smaller, whereas the Minox feels more like a toy with a really sharp lens... With my Minox I tend to keep the aperture f4 or above for accurate scale focusing. I also tend to previsualize the shot, set the distance and step in to that distance and frame. With the XA I tend to more frame though the VF and then focus... these two shooting styles are very different... haven't decided which gets me more good shots, but it is interesting. Lens wise the Minox kicks the XA's butt, even at f11, but from f5.6-11 the XA still takes good photos, but the Minox is great at pretty much any aperture... only f2.8-4 the guess focus starts to be the limiting factor, but even still I seem to get more great shots even with the focus inaccuracies... in low light I've never been able to see the RF patch so it is becomes useless...

anyway... just wondering what other people thought who shot both these cameras...

(I like the XA much better really, but like the images from the Minox more...)