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08-26-2008, 15:28
I always love your '' issues '' raised in AP , even if I just read your easily found back page comments and surreptitiously return the mag to the rack [ along with the entire lunch time '' Smiths Library '' regulars ].

it's no secret in this forum that i have ASD issues and a that Leica II and derivatives , mercifully my Leica M 8 , and Kiev cameras create a sense of connection which in real life totally eludes me .

And that the fixed '' window '' of a rangefinder containing and filtering a snapshot of the confusing details assaulting me , has created a new dee'light for me .

it's like a lost scared kid in a confusing world .

So .

I have cosmetically altered a late Oleg sourced and CLA , Kiev 4 , currenty of minor '' value '', in silver paint , tan leather etc .
Which is a joy to have and to hold - and use .[ avatar ]

But , THE KIEV for me would be a hybrid Kiev 3 [a] , probably '' NO NAME '' without self timer or flash sync ... but with Kiev 4 top plate , controls and compact meter .

i have a the raw materials in respect of a roughish Kiev 3a with damage to the meter , and a fair early Kiev 4 .

i would be interested in your opinion of creating a hybrid camera , simply to satisfy a totally ilogical dee'sruption in what for me is a dee'sordered world ?

And is there anyone out there kurious enough to attempt " THE THING ''.

Frankly , I am anticipating some flak here , but I have capitulated to ASdee for 5 decades , and now , i am trying to accommodate it.



09-15-2008, 08:30
This is not a "logical" hobby, it's more like a love affair. I love making photos with my old cameras. Further, a professioal photograher uses whatever tool is best for his work. Us amateurs use the cameras we like, if affordable. I use Leica M's and play with Zorkis but I can understand the appeal of Kiev's so I'd say go for it. Good Luck. Joe

Roger Hicks
09-15-2008, 08:55
Dear Dee,

Sorry I missed your post before! Believe it or not, I don't even check my own forum methodically. We've had friends to stay, builders in...

Your aim seems totally logical to me. Why not, after all? In the realm of motorcycles I've recently had a Held tank bag customized because it was too high, and a worn-out Mexican tri-fold chained wallet duplicated by a local artisan. And I'm still using a satchel I had made to measure almost 40 years ago, with twin front pockets, each big enough for a Barnack Leica.

The only people who are afraid to have stuff made, or modified, are those who don't really know what they want: they're afraid they'll reduce the value come trade-in time.

Well, best of luck to 'em. But if you know what you want, and have faith in your own ability to specify it, then my view is that as long as you can afford it, you would be foolish not to commission it.