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08-18-2008, 13:58
I'm jumping the gun a little, as I've only just resurrected my type 148 from a bag of bits. However, assuming that I've successfully reattached the bellows without leaks, it would be nice to have some filters that would fit it for some (mildly) serious playing with B&W and the uncoated lens (Retina-Xenar).

However I haven't a clue what fitting they would be - is the internal (20mm-ish) screw thread for fitting a filter, or just for assembly/disasembly of the lens? And what sort of filter would go over the knurled outer ring if they aren't screw-in?

Any assistance would be appreciated, as I haven't the first idea what I'm looking for fit-wise!

Many thanks,

(and yes, I know it's not an RF, but this seems to be where lots of people who know their Retinas hang out).

08-18-2008, 14:17
Here's a link to a photo of a Type 148 with a set of filters: http://www.lungov.com/wagner/c/064c.html

Looks to be screw-in filters, possibly 28mm, which seemed to be a common size back then.

08-18-2008, 15:50
The filter and hood kit that came with my 1a is marked as "27mm". The threads are, however 21.5mm. The outside of the filters is 27mm slip-on size. The easiest way to find filters might be to look for a Series 4 or 5 27mm slip-on adapter.

This ebay seller always seems to have hard to find stuff: http://stores.ebay.ca/photo-widget

08-19-2008, 04:24
Thanks for the suggestions!

There are some things on that shop that look well worth laying my grubby mitts on, (though I now have a bad case of Widget GAS...), and the other link linked me to a picture of something I've wanted to see ever since I found the instruction booklet with one in: http://www.lungov.com/wagner/c/059c.html (adios fingers, eyebrows etc!)

Looks like I need to get out there, get tested for light-tightness and get shopping, before I get beaten to them...

Many thanks!


09-05-2008, 01:15
Well, it's tested and seems mostly OK. There's a bit of a light leak but that frame was left on a windowsill for 24hrs and - amazingly, given this summer - the sun came out so it had sun full on it for some time. Frankly, it's never going to be mint so I can live with a less-than-beautiful repair.

Thanks to Victor's link, I know have a yellow and an orange filter, plus a 21.5mm adaptor so hopefully B&W fun is on it's way. I missed a lens hood, but that's life.

Now I just need to work out where the stray 2 washers came from...