View Full Version : canon site?

back alley
05-26-2004, 20:35
anyone know a site that has info on screw mount canon lenses.
specifically, i'm looking for info on the 35mm/3.5 serenar.


05-27-2004, 01:50
joe, karen nakamura's site on lsm lenses has some info about a couple of rf canon lenses


and the best part is probably the huge amount of links you'll find at the bottom of the page !

good luck ! remember also the affordable 35/2.8 serenar, and the black 35/2, but don't forget the CV ones either !

back alley
05-27-2004, 15:40
the only solid info on this lens comes from the canon museum site.
but i was looking for some subjective/objective reviews of it.
i'll keep searching.

thanks guys,

05-29-2004, 14:52
I had a Canon 7 and a 50mm f1.8 for a while.
These Canon lenses are ok,no,Wow! The 7 is too heavy and awkward for me.I got ride of it. No regreats.
Big Wow a while latter for me is the Nikon 35ti.