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07-02-2008, 02:59
I had to disassemble my Olympus 35 SP in order to lubricate and clean it. Now I can't get the shutter back into its old state, there are some mechanisms I don't understand.
Could anyone help me with information about how it works?
Especially pictures would be great!

07-05-2008, 02:38
HI All

I recently got myself an 35SP off eb ($AUS65) also but also have found the shutter to be sticky with oil visible on it. Sometimes it opens and sometimes not at all. Disappointing but there you go. I can see you ran into trouble doing a lube, how hard was disassembly? Did you take any pics?


07-08-2008, 10:21
I did run into troubles and I almost gave up on it, but finally I just reassembled it. I can only advice you to take pictures especially at the beginning, that can help you a lot.
My camera is now reassembled (but I have to open it again because I did not yet lubricate) and it seems to work - funny because there are a little iron ring and a tiny spring left on my table.
But nothing is for sure yet, first tomorrow when I get the first roll back from the lab.
Now I would say that I could lubricate this camera without major problems and if you have some experience you are probably capable of doing it. But be careful with all the little parts, try to remember how the things are assembled.
If you want, I could send you some pictures of the mechanism on thursday!

07-10-2008, 12:01
Here are pictures:


This is the mechanism in almost fully assembled state. The only two missing parts can be seen on the second picture. If you can take a picture of the thing while all parts are still assembled, that would be great!


07-11-2008, 20:17
I took mine for a CLA and got the shutters cleaned by my tech. Well worth it, $80, also he fixed/adjusted the lightmeter which was way off now spot on. He says these cameras are complicated, highly mechanical and tricky to work on if inexperienced with many adjustments. There is a special tool for removing the lens/shutter assembly in one piece. Not a camera to learn on. Will post photos the camera takes later on.

07-13-2008, 03:22
Yeah, I think so too! Everything works mechanically and I couldn't even understand how the camera controls the exposure times in automatic mode.

My pictures I took with the camera after cleaning it arrived and I heard that they became just fine! (I am not at home for a couple of weeks so I can't see them by myself) Of course I can only be really sure as soon as I saw them with my own eyes...
Does someone know about lubricating with graphite powder dissolved in lighter fluid? I did it within the shutter assembly but now some of the powder always lands on the lens after a few shutter releases. Is there a way of getting rid of the excessive powder?

01-28-2019, 21:13
If in 2019 or later google brings you to this page (as it did me) look at these two pages on RFF for excellent instructions on understanding the Seiko-FLA shutter and disassemble, clean, lubricate (CLA).