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05-27-2008, 17:04
I expect quite a few readers of Roger's forum use C1 with their Leica M8s. I use C1 Pro 3.7.6 and having got used to it find the procedure/'workflow' logical and quite simple though I get quite a few yellowish shots that I then have to alter in Photoshop. This is probably my fault: I am a bit colourblind!

I'd like to try version 4 which I believe is a successor to LE, not to PRO.

The helpline and email support on Phase One's site are fairly dire, so I wondered if any readers could help me on the following:

Is it possible to run version 4 on the same machine (and partition) as existing PRO 3.7.6?

What do people think of version 4? The Phase One site has some interesting video hype about it with some Phase One users extolling its virtues, but various Nikon users I know feel the version 4 conversions are inferior to PRO 3.7 and, for that matter, to Nikon Capture NX, which personally I can't get on with at all.

Hope it's all right to post this on your site, Roger.


05-27-2008, 22:19
I run 3.7.8 Pro and 4 (regular) on the same machine with no problems. I still prefer the v3 version really, just because it's so comfortable.

05-27-2008, 23:50
Thanks for the info, Wintoid. Can you just confirm: you can run the two versions side by side on the same machine (no separate partitions etc)?

I'd be interested to know how you find the quality of the conversions - if it's just the interface that is different or do you notice anything about the processed TIFFs/JPEGs? I agree about feeling comfortable with v3. Is v4 fiddlier once you are used to it?

And if you are reading this, Roger, how are you getting on with C1 or do you just use ACR and/or Photoshop these days?


Roger Hicks
05-28-2008, 02:36
Dear Tom,

I import via Capture One with basic adjustments -- mostly just white balance and exposure if needed -- then finish off in Photoshop 4 (!) which does all that I need. I can't say I like Capture One but I hate learning ANY new software so I tend to stick with the first version of anything as long as I can.



05-28-2008, 04:01
Hi Tom,

I should add that I am not an M8 user. I use Capture One for DSLR work (and Epson RD1S until recently).

Capture One 3.7.8 Pro and Capture One 4 coexist happily on the same machine. Installing 4 didn't affect 3.7.8 at all. I use the JFILabs plugins for BW conversion inside of Capture One, and it was a bit fiddly to get these working in Capture One 4. I have the impression that CO4 renders colour better, but I only do BW stuff really, so it's not much use to me. Output quality seems fine to me anyway. I still reach for the older version 90% of the time.

I've worked my way through quite a few raw converters. Capture One was always my favourite. These days I am working mainly with film and TIF files, which I process in Lightzone. After Lightzone, it's hard to imagine going back. I haven't tried Lightzone with raw files, but I probably will next time I need to do something digital.