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05-25-2008, 12:30
I have recently purchased an Olympus XA and am already finding something wrong with it. When I put a fresh roll of film into the camera, and I try to advance the film, the take up spool on the right side of the camera doesn't always move and let the film start rolling up. When the advance knob moves, the film sometimes just stays in place and the twisting prongs that are suppose to catch onto the holes in the film just stay under the film and spin without catching on. When this happens, the take up spool just stays in place, and the film doesn't wind up. (This would cause some unintended multiple exposures) I think the cause of this problem is that the take up spool should be always move with the advance knob, but right now I can just hold the take up spool in place while the film advance is twisting.

EDIT: I think the problem might be fixed if I just close the back of the camera. I think this might keep the film sprocket holes tight with the twisting prongs in the camera.

Anyone insight???

05-25-2008, 12:50
If it is at all like my XA2, then I think I can answer both of your questions/issues.

Sometimes the takeup will not move; when this happens for me it means the shutter is cocked (and thus the takeup is locked). Try firing the shutter and then turning the advance; this should free up the takeup.

Second issue, film not catching on sprockets/sprockets not catching on film (depending on who you want to blame); this is because the back is open. If you put a light amount of pressure on the film (as the closed door would) it locks into the spools fine.

Hope this helps,