View Full Version : The Greatest RFF Competition of All: Mail Delay

04-04-2008, 01:51
Well, it is not fair. I am poker-challenging you while in my cards there are three ases and two kings.

When I went to the mail today I was expecting a symple step down ring, the only item due on my eBay balance. But instead I was given a rather biggy (relatively to the item) box, containing two concave plastic softies, I remembered I ordered once in my life.

Therefore I looked at the US stamp date, as well as the US customs declaration, and both clerarly state Oct-02-2007. So we are talking here about six months and 2 days. The last two days can be errased for the time I get the postal notification about the dead that became alive.

At one side of the box, there is an Israeli stamp about the reason this box is being sent back to the US: "not claimed". There is even a diffused stamped date about when it was sent back. If it was sent back.

There is no criminal sign at all that the box arrived to the USA shores and was resent back to Israel.

So like those unfriendly guys say: the worst enemy is at home.

Anyway this is the challenge of this thread so far: 6 MONTHS.

Surpass it.


04-04-2008, 02:02
That's amazingly slow and I can't beat it Ruben ... however my Iskra did take three months to get to me from eBay seller 'Grizzly Bear!'

The real tragedy was ... when it arrived it had a fault with the shutter and I had to send it back! :eek:

04-04-2008, 02:13
Enjoy. A softie is a must for serious Kiev shooter :)