View Full Version : Watch list items: a few, or maxed out!

04-01-2008, 18:01
It's finally happened. My eBay watch list has maxed out at 100 with cameras and other photographic paraphernalia, most of which I KNOW I will never buy, mostly because I can't afford to. I really should stop this!

How many photo/camera items do you have in your watch list at any one time?

Al Patterson
04-01-2008, 18:07
It depends. If I'm really looking to buy something, I might have 15 to 20 items in my watch list. More often it is less than 10, when I'm just looking at a few things just to keep my account active.

04-01-2008, 18:12
I really tend not to buy anything from eBay, so naturally I really tend not to use the Watch List.

04-01-2008, 18:22
Usually about 12. Mostly just to watch ending prices. This last week though, I had over 40 for a short while.

Matthew Allen
04-01-2008, 18:34
54 currently, of which 51 have ended. I'm not very good about deleting stuff and I also like to refer to auctions long after they're over for price information and so forth.


04-01-2008, 19:54
When I was actively looking for certain things, I only managed to have 25 items in my watch list, never more. Right now, I have some items I'm interested in buying some day. Ocassionally I buy something like a filter or film, but that's about the size of it. Except for this year... :rolleyes:

And last year... And the previous one... :bang: :bang:

04-02-2008, 16:36
If I'm actively after something specific, then generally no more than 5.
If I'm not in the market for something specific then it fluctuates between 0 and somewhere between 20 and 30.

04-02-2008, 19:13
In recent years (amazingly), I've been quite specific about what I want in terms of gear, and tend not to waste my time on stuff I'm not keen on buying (though there have been exceptions, such as that wild and chunky electronic-shutter Leica M prototype with a starting bid from somewhere north of US$23,000; I just had to see how that one ended, and wound up sharing the drama with fellow RFf'ers). The things I normally look for these days are:

- Konica Impresa 50 35mm film

- Oddball RF lens hoods (for my Konica M-Hex 50 f/2 and Auto S3; both found)

In these cases, I actually go the extra half-mile and create custom searches with e-mail alerts. In fact, I have practically everything I need (I got the ultrawide I wanted, delivered in my hands yesterday, via the 'Bay). More about in another thread, as soon as I finish this. :)

- Barrett

04-02-2008, 20:03
Well looks like so far most people are in the perfectly sane sub-25-items-at-a-time zone!

I just went and pruned all the stuff I know I'm wasting my time with off my watch list, and concentrated on small things I could REALLY use - not extra cameras and extra lenses! For example, a 48-49mm stepping ring so I can try using Olympus OM lens filters (for my OM1 + Zuiko 50mm) on a Canonet. That, for example, could be of more use to me than another lens for the OM1, or another OM camera, or another Canonet!

Another thing I just got is an old film tab memory holder to stick on the door of one of my cameras that doesn't have one - helping me not (like I do sometimes) open up to reload with a film already in there!

If I'm maxed out, I feel less guilty and more useful to myself if the vast majority of those items are for useful little accessories like those rather than actual cameras and lenses I either can't afford or am wasting my time even considering! Sometimes, however, I - like others have commented - find it interesting and potentially useful keeping tabs on ending prices for what stuff I think I might buy in the future, in order to estimate a realistic bid for an auction item for the future.

04-02-2008, 22:01
I used to have up to twenty items on my watch list at any time but these days it's usually only a couple! Often just to see what an item that I already own goes for to get an idea of market (read ... eBay)value.

I don't spend anywhere near the amount of time on eBay that I used to ... like RFF it can be a little detrimental to getting things done at times! :p

05-01-2008, 16:18
I usually have between 10 and 16 items on my watch list. Some are things that I am truly interested in buying and others are on my list because I want to see what the final price will be. There have been a "few" times when one of the items on my watch list was ending with such a ridiculously low price that I bid on it as an impulse purchase.