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back alley
05-01-2004, 13:15
a little something different this month.

a chance for the black & white shooter to load some colour film in your camera.

may's theme is the colour red! :eek:


05-01-2004, 13:29
RED !!

great movie that I recommend a lot ! mmm... Irene Jacob... :rolleyes:

Joe I still have some night shots inside the camera and in fact I plan to shoot a bit more at night, so I'll be sort of "retroposting" in the galleries...

AND... I'm uploading one I took last week but it sort of fits perfectly in this month's theme ;)


back alley
05-01-2004, 20:01
are you talking about the trilogy red, white and blue?
i saw them years ago, don't really remember much about them but i do remember enjoying them. will have to do a marathon movie day soon.


05-02-2004, 00:39
yep Joe, as you, I saw them years ago and like them a lot, so when I recently found the DVDs I got all three of them at once. So far my favorite one with difference is red, there the images, music and French speech fit so well together that you feel the whole movie has its own rythm.

That's common to all three movies, however, but maybe is the warm feeling from the red color that adds that final extra something.

So hope you'll do that marathon soon. Don't forget the pop corn ! ;)


05-03-2004, 17:32
Good grief! Red! I have oodles of fire hydrants around my house...

I do have a shot in mind. Get back to you soon!

In the meanwhile, here's the first submission. One of my first Leica experiments in DOF. Call it retroshooting if you want. :)

05-05-2004, 07:28
Please help me out. How do I post a photo? Are there format/size requirements? I have not been able to find a link to post in the gallery. Thanks!!!