View Full Version : I prefer Epson Raw but it won't stay loaded

04-11-2005, 18:05
When I work on Epson R-D1 ERF raw files, I prefer using Epson's raw plug-in to the Photoshop Camera Raw. When I originally loaded the Epson software into my Macintosh, it worked fine, but then, after I updated my Photoshop CS with later versions of PS camera raw, I was unable to access the Epson software. I think I then may have loaded the Epson software again, was able to access it and then lost it again. Of course, I can always work on the ERF files with the regular photoshop CS raw plug-in, but I much prefer the Epson version. Can anyone help me access the Epson software when I am working on ERF files, but also have the choice when working on files produced by other cameras, to use regular Photoshop CS?