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02-22-2008, 00:14
Hi all.

I know it's not an RF but thought you might be able to help me. I recently purchased a very nice Olympus Trip 35. Everything on it is perfect except for the aperture release mechanism. The part I've circled gets stuck. I push it down firmly and it gets unstuck but overnight it freezes again. Before I destroy the camera by removing the wrong parts, is there anything I can do? Does the lens have to come out for a better look?



02-22-2008, 02:53
Happen to have a Trip in pieces on my bench at present.
I think you will have to take the lens off to have a better look.
The jam could be in a variety of places - I think.
The lens comes off reasonably easily.
Take off the front covers and place sticky side down on a piece of greasprrof paper to avoid the glue picking up dirt and general 'grot'.
The two plates either side of the lens are held with two screws.
On one of mine they needed considerable persuasion to move.
I use a screw driver with a slightly magnetic tip and find I don't lose the screws.
When the side plates are removed you will find 4 screws attach the lens assembly to the case. One screw has a small retaining plate that hold the wiring in place - note where and how the wiring goes.
I suggest you cut the 'flash' wire' that connects to the top - its easy enough to resolder and insulate. It makes looking at the mechanics so much easier.
Having stripped down I suggest you clean all pivot places using lighter fluid or some equivalent. Then have a good look see.
Hope this is helpful - I don't know your experience of taking cameras to bits.The Trip is pretty straight forward. Incidentally there is a black button through the base plate - it releases the wind on spool for rewinding. Make sure you dont lose this as I did when it fell onto a thick carpet!

Best of luck - keep us all informed.
Like your picture of the Trip.

02-22-2008, 23:12
Another crisis averted. I learned a fair bit about the trip and managed to save a beautiful little camera. Thanks for your help.