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02-20-2008, 20:00
What do folks do with all the photos you take?

02-20-2008, 20:12
Darn near everything. Some have been published. A number get printed. Some of those prints are (finally) going on exhibit later in the year. But those are just the "good' ones...I never talk about the others. :)

- Barrett

02-20-2008, 20:26
I have a total of seven photos framed and hanging...one was my choice, the other six were requested by my wife...
The rest are in boxes, envelopes or whatever just to keep them from getting damaged...and then some are given to friends...
The ones of the kids (high school marching & jazz band) are given to the school yearbook class for use by them...and to some parents too...
The stuff taken for our church is handed over to them once shot (film) I see them along with everybody else...they use them for bulletins, promotions, internet site and other things...
Between the kids and church, on one Nikon F4 I have taken over 21,000 shots and the F5 is just over 4,000...
There are about 12 Seniors in Marching Band that will be graduating this year...so I will be putting a CD together of them from all 4 years to give them at their Band Banquet...(one of the seniors is mine)

02-20-2008, 21:31
I chose "hang them at my gallery". By which I mean "hang them at my living room wall".

I also give big, framed prints away to friends and relatives.

And the photos I shoot on the few assignments I do, get published.

Most just get stored on my hard drive.

And the ones I love or "mean" something to me, go on my _regular blog_ (http://shardsofphotography.blogspot.com/) or on my _photo portfolio blog_ (http://shardsofphotography2.blogspot.com/).

02-20-2008, 21:38
I print contact sheets when I can, and scan the best, also when I can. Lately, I haven't had time to shoot, much less scan... hopefully this summer I'll be able to afford the scanner I've got my eye on. And complete preparations for my home darkroom, I've got about 300' of film to burn through.

02-20-2008, 21:56
When I first started seriously shooting, I printed up a lot of stuff. Showed it to friends. Sold a few pieces, but it was to a friend. Loved hanging it on the wall, but hated all the matting and framing business. Mostly I was just happy to get everything in focus and printed correctly. Now I spend far too much time fussing over whether this lens or another is truly sharper, and which camera is "better/more enjoyable/etc" to shoot w/ and don't even own a printer at this point in time! The prints/negs just get stuffed into a huge box after viewing them. As I have become more knowledgeable about equipment my photography has gone downhill, practically speaking. If I'm not putting prints up on a wall, what's the point? And getting a gallery show is no longer a priority, as I have seen countless excellent photographers and painters invest tons of money into framing and matting only to sell one or two prints, if that. It's more of an ego thing for most people. I should probably refocus, go to one simple camera, and put up some prints in cafes just for the heck of it.

02-20-2008, 22:31
The best choice in the bunch was 'store them on the hard drive'. Most of photos end up there either from shooting digitally or scanning them in from film. The ones I really like get printed or after a while I compile them into a photo book. I sometimes make a print for a friend.

02-20-2008, 23:24
Ticked only "print" and "sell", though some of my photos are scattered across the Net, including some on RFF and many with stock agencies.

02-20-2008, 23:42
Some of the photos I shoot and print I scan and upload to my website...most end up in the vault.

Roger Hicks
02-21-2008, 01:09
Advocacy is a really good use. Taking and helping to disseminate pics to help a cause or organization that you support can be extremely rewarding. It can get you great pics, sometimes with access that's hard to get otherwise, and it gives a real incentive to take pictures. I've done rhis for various organizations, as disparate as a local arts group and the Tibetan Government in Exile.

Otherwise I shoot for publication in books, magazines, and of course www.rogerandfrances.com. Some of my favourite pictures end up on my walls; there are around 60 pics on the walls of my living-room, about two-thirds of them mine or by my wife Frances Schultz.



02-21-2008, 03:04
I also rotate about 35 or so 8 by 11.5's on my walls. I will usually take about a whole Sunday and print out about 20 or so. Then the old ones I give away. Since I get a lot of visitors ( I live in South Florida) I have an instant gallery. When friends or family stay with us, the price of admission is to uh and ah at my work.

02-21-2008, 05:45
What do folks do with all the photos you take?

First, I make some small prints and cull the stuff I don't like -- about 2/3 to 3/4 gets trashed. Then I enlarge and sell the stuff that's left in various places, I exhibit some, some get published (google "Charles S. Fallis" sometime), and I use others for my own teaching/illustration purposes.

02-21-2008, 05:47
All of the above, except the gear thing………….. but mostly I shred them, errr edit them I mean

02-21-2008, 05:55
After printing I tear them up into tiny pieces and with 1% milk have them for breakfast; fiber prints clean you out nicely.

02-21-2008, 05:57
I have two walls of my home office/junk room covered with foam board. Shots I like I print 8X10 and pin them up. The rest stay in the computer if they even get that far.
I rotate what's on the walls and the pix I take down go in a file.

02-21-2008, 06:10
Very interesting thread !
when i had a DSLR, i used to offer portrait prints to my friends. Since i've a Leica, i didn't do any big prints to offer but i'm working on it :)

02-21-2008, 07:05
I print my best photos and hang on the wall . There isn't too much place for it at home.
So, some my photos serve as decoration of the office at work.
Sometimes, they can be used as gifts

Bob Michaels
02-21-2008, 18:10
About 60 prints representing 3 different series are framed and rotate in and out of shows at non commercial galleries and museums. Most of them appear on my personal website. Then there are boxes of several hundred original proofs that just sit.

We have a lot of original art in our home but the only ones that are mine are four very atypical prints from a short series I did about my wife and her horses. My wife does not appreciate documentary photography in my style and that's OK.

I used to have some of my work in my day office but found that people had difficulty reconciling the person they knew at work with the photos I made. So I took them down.

98% of what I shoot never goes beyond the negative on the light box because I don't think it has potential to be exhibit quality. I simply have no use for anything else.

02-21-2008, 18:30
I've only been photographing seriously for the last three years but this is what I'm currently doing. I cataloguing all my negatives. I will usually scan all my negatives at a low resolution for proofing, tooling around in photoshop and posting on the web. I usually end up deleting about 3/4 of those photos off the hard drive. The few that I like, I will rescan at 4000dpi, post-process in photoshop and print at 8x12. Usually just print 1 photo for every 36 exposure roll... sometimes two.

Most of these prints I give away to friends and family. I don't like hanging photographs for some reason - I much prefer to hold them in my hands. I keep my prints in archival boxes and occasionally just go through them. I recently had a few on exhibit at the local art gallery. I actually sold a print for the first time a few months ago and I sold three more prints since then. I I had no idea what I should ask for so I just sell them at what I figured it cost me to print and frame.

02-21-2008, 18:56
Mostly prints, I end up deleting the scans after I print.

Last time I was asked to "take pictures", I made a DVD slide show (for TV viewing) set to music. Went over well, too.

02-21-2008, 19:04
Ive printed and framed a couple over time; none that I have myself. Ive had a couple published in magazines (ones of no real consequence) and displyed in stores. But most of all they just stay in the computer and all exist in a single Lightroom catalogue that I can scroll through and look at.

To me I find that photography is just something I enjoy doing, especially with the access to travelling that I get. I really enjoy my gear and I fuss terribly over scanning and post production of images. But in the end, the greatest joy I get is the extent to which scrolling back through all my photos takes me back to these past times and places so vividly.

It really is as much a documentary of your own life as much as it documents what you photograph...

02-22-2008, 07:26
Hang them at my gallery - I WISH!!!

03-18-2008, 01:09
Now that I am digital as well as analogue when I still use film and have some shots I like, I will scan them and if I really like them print them up for my hard copy portfolio. I have a quite good printer that handles up to A4 so its kind of nice to turn my better shots into something a bit bigger than the 6 by 4 inch pocket prints. For the rest I just keep them on my PC (or more correctly on a dedicated disk attached to my PC so I do not use up all of the inbuilt disk space) and when I get bored I pull them out and Photoshop them just to practice my PS skills and to see what I can make of them One of the ladies whom I work with is a keen photographer who puts all of her stuff on Flickr. I am not so organized but I must do it sometime.

03-18-2008, 01:33
The poll is missing the option "watch them on the slide projector and then misplace them" ;)

04-02-2008, 13:53
I shoot, develop, scan, contact sheet, staple contact sheet to neg carrying sheet, store in folder.

Wait a while, go back over the 5x7 contact scans, choose the ones I like, mount the negs in slide mounts, scan for print, stick those in Lightroom.

Wait a while more, show them to select people (here maybe, friends) then whittle the Lightroom collection down to the ones everyone agrees are good.

Wait a longer while more (I'm at this point now) and figure out how to exhibit the best of the best of my stuff without having to spend a fortune.

The saga continues.

Al Patterson
04-03-2008, 06:32
Every so often I give a slide show to the local chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society, plus I do enter their photo contest every year.

Some of the winners end up printed and hanging on my walls. So far, the good stuff does not get posted on the Internet.

Gabriel M.A.
04-03-2008, 09:43
Wouldn't you like to know?

Mmmmuuuuuuahahaha. :angel:

kevin m
05-14-2008, 09:06
I develop the negatives, pick my favorites, then project them onto stainless steel plates and engrave them. I bury the plates in my underground fallout shelter and wait for future inhabitants of earth to find them.

05-14-2008, 18:29
I shoot professionally, commercial advertising and editorial. And very well known if the bodybuilding, health and fitness business. So if you pick up any of the magazines of that type you will be seeing ads I shot or features with my photos.

As well I also do a fair amount of mainstream work and putting together more of my personal projects.

05-14-2008, 18:41
I shoot professionally, commercial advertising and editorial. And very well known if the bodybuilding, health and fitness business. So if you pick up any of the magazines of that type you will be seeing ads I shot or features with my photos.

As well I also do a fair amount of mainstream work and putting together more of my personal projects.
That guy looks like he needs to chill.

Graham Line
05-14-2008, 18:52
As usual with RFF polls, none of the answers fit. Right now I'm working on a ProShow project using images from c1995. Some are posted on the Web for fun, some go to historical societies.

05-15-2008, 08:59
Since my camera budget leaves no money for food, I usually spread some peanut butter and jelly on them for lunch.

08-12-2008, 18:08
It really is as much a documentary of your own life as much as it documents what you photograph...
How I very much want to use that as a quote/sig...you've crystalized it quite well, I'd say!

- Barrett

09-05-2008, 05:35
Every six months I print the 50 pictures I liked best from that time, and I put them in acetate sleeves. Although I think I'm going to quit that and just make myself a nice Lulu or Blurb book once a year, like a bound photo album.

I've also got two small local shows coming up in the next year, one just hanging stuff in a coffee shop, the other at a gallery. I've never shown art before, so I'm pretty nervous/excited.

Petroleum V. Nasby
09-16-2008, 07:09
I display the best ones on my cell phone LCD.

09-16-2008, 08:00
I sell them to the highest bidder

09-17-2008, 00:22
I print them and think what garbage then file them in boxes. Six months later I look at them again and realise I am a genuis and shoot some more.:D

11-07-2008, 00:53
I have one photo book from apple and would like more. Not gonna use apple again though. Store on computer for two years then burn to dvd. Give some to my children. Have a few hanging on my walls maybe 5. Had a friend once wanted one so I gave it to her. Post on flickr. Thats abut it. not good enough for magazines and the like. would be nice to be but I will continue to shoot anyway.

12-15-2008, 12:36
I generally put mine on Flickr but most of all print them, to me the best result and show case for a photo is a decent print done by hand, from a negative I processed -- basically having been involved right from the start.

i also make gifts too, so sometimes I create cards with my photos like I am for Christmas, bought some white card which I shall fold and then with some double sided sticky tape, attach one of my prints (each one done lovingly, gnggg! :) by hand) to them etc. etc.


Bike Tourist
12-15-2008, 13:02
Well, let's see . . . I have about 25,000 35mm and medium format transparencies in filing cabinets and I don't know how many negs and about 40 DVDs worth of digital files. I sell stock and used to write and photograph for magazines you've never heard of. I did some weddings (ugh!) and some commercial assignments and some gallery shows.

I don't think I've nailed it yet. I really don't know what to do with them. My daughter will inherit them. It'll be her problem!

John Lawrence
12-28-2008, 01:34
Develop, contact sheet then file away - unless there's one or two that I think have some merit in them. Then I'll print them up to 10 x 8 to see how they look.

03-01-2009, 00:43
Develop the negatives, looking for those I like and if time, I print, just for myself, in the darkroom.
Best regards

Al Kaplan
04-16-2009, 11:37
These days it's mostly posting them on my blog, a mix of everything from sixties rock stars to sexy girls who now have grandchildren to the adventures of a toy monkey, Monkette, who is locally well known for her involvement in City of North Miami politics. She loves the publicity and going to all the parties. http://thepriceofsilver.blogspot.com

04-16-2009, 13:36
I shoot commercially, so the images are used for ads, brochures and magazines. All digital files get backed up onto hard drives and also burned to a dvd, which is stored off site. Finals get uploaded to offsite storage, (PhotoShelter). Images I really like go into the portfolio, used for promotional purposes and some go onto the website. My analog images from years ago are stored in job jackets and go into file cabinets. I just recently started shooting film again. I plan on scanning and printing my favorites and those might go on the website, portfolio, etc. I also have a number of black and white framed prints that are up on the walls around the house.

04-17-2009, 01:32
I print them and use them as postcards. Cheap. Unique.

04-17-2009, 12:58
Last year, this thread got me thinking about this very question. Thanks for the stimulus!

One comment prompted me to physically print more photos. That has worked quite well several times, especially because in these digital days, folks see prints less often. I was reminded of the different ways folks flip through a stack of small prints during this process.

Another time I picked 50 of the best images from a family event, and printed them out on (2) 17x22 sheets (25 per page). Actually, didn't have time to cut them up and had to get on the road. Well, when visiting the family I just put the 2 sheets on the table and boom - a field of images. My twin nephews (4 yrs old) just loved this and poured over the images. Later, family mambers just cut out the images they wanted to take with them.

I signed up for a smugmug account as a Christmas present from me to me this past year (much cheaper than the camera body presented to myself the year prior!). ederek.smugmug.com. That has worked very well for sharing, and most of the galleries are private for friends and family.

I also see my images as "Profile Pictures" on Facebook. I looked last week and about 8% of my friends and family were using one of my images as their profile pic - that's pretty cool that someone thinks an image I've given them is the best presentation of themselves.

I publish a number of images in my "Facebook Gallery", a place for friends and family (though I don't like the FB TOU for images!).

I now see some of the Live Music shots I've taken on show posters (bands are very good with asking permission, giving credit, etc.). There was a request yesterday from a friend on tour in Pennsylvania for a local paper.

I threw a Chinese New Years party in January, and printed a bunch of 5x7's and 8x10's from a trip to China, and put them up as part of the party decorations. Made for good conversation starters in any room...

I bought digital photo frames for a couple family members this year, and format images for them.

Well, enough writing - need to go produce more images!

John Robertson
04-17-2009, 14:28
Years ago a friend used to pin hers on the inside of the toilet door.
At the very bottom was a note in small print telling you that " you are now cr**ing at 45degrees!!
At least she had a captive audience!!

05-26-2009, 03:40
Just reread this whole thread. Great ideas. Print more is what i will do so I and more people can enjoy my better photos.

05-26-2009, 06:48
I voted "hang them at my gallery," as this best completes the cycle for me.

05-26-2009, 20:41
I practice some of the poll choices with varying consistency and I've added a few of the other choices to my "to-do" list. I have quite a few properly framed and hanging on my walls but need to rotate them with more current selections, just haven't been motivated.

06-09-2009, 16:18
I have boxes and boxes of mounted B&W (and some color) photos in appropriate boxes under a bed. I have only limited space to hang them on the walls. Since I opted to get a scanner and scan thousands of slides I guess they'll be on my hard drive or, maybe, here, if they're good enough. I do miss printing and the smell of fixer though!

07-21-2009, 08:54
What do folks do with all the photos you take?

(shameless plug warning)

Why, make a photo-book (http://zuikography.com/?p=73) out of them, of course ;)

08-17-2009, 17:26
Try and change things I think are wrong.

08-24-2009, 10:49
Print them (or let a lab print for colour photos) as large as the paper I find and the money I happen to have in a given moment allows and hang them somewhere.

Then I start disliking them, take them away from the wall and put them somewhere.

they eventually get to the bottom of a pile of junk paper just to be rediscovered when I clean my home.

The process starts again either from "I like them after all, I hang them again" or from the "How could I have ever done this?" and they get back to the pile...

Some pictures I have sold (well they were usually ordered to me), some other just given as a present, many of the digital ones I am too coward to delete but don't like so they just take space in my hard drive...


surfer dude
10-28-2009, 02:52
Do something with them? Now THERE'S an idea!

11-17-2009, 13:46
IŽd like to hang a couple on the wall, but the wife will not have it.

11-19-2009, 17:11
For her wedding, my daughter asked me to print postcards so that the guests could write messages for the bride and groom to read when they returned from their honeymoon. They put a postcard in front of every place at the table and provided a mailbox where their friends and family could deposit the cards as they left.

It was an interesting exercise for me because it gave me a chance to look again at five years worth of negatives.

The idea was so successful that my daughter asked me to do it this year for her best friend's wedding where she served as matron of honor.

01-10-2010, 13:37
one great way to bring back old memories using digital photos in computer, use them as random screensaver. photos taken years ago and forgotten since, then computer "accidentally" reminds you about them. good memories can cheer up gray day like nothing else :)