View Full Version : olympus 35DC shutter not firing

02-08-2008, 13:48
Hi folks,

The shutter on my recently acquired Oly 35DC has stopped working after 18 shots on its first roll of film. The battery is ok and the camera still meters when the shutter release button is half-depressed. Any similar experiences or ideas from other users out there?

Thanks in advance, Daryl

02-09-2008, 01:51
Hi Darylh

Just a thought - is the self timer lever in the correct position? If its slightly cocked I suspect the shutter could be 'frozen'. As I said, just a thought because I don't have a DC - its on my wish list!

Best of luck


02-10-2008, 14:04
Thanks Jesse regarding the self timer, but unfortunately it was shooting great one second and then just simply stopped working the next. From what I could gather, the 35dc isn't prone to the common problems the 35rd has (or is it?). If I do figure it out I'll post it.
Cheers, Daryl