View Full Version : Maybe got a local camera dealer interested in the Epson R-D1

04-08-2005, 20:58
I was in my local camera dealer this afternoon (Keeble $ schucket, Palo Alto, CA) buying a Leica 90mm f/2 ASPH APO lens and they were all a buzz about my R-D1. I talked to them about why they did not carry the camera and they said only Sammy's in LA and B&H carried them I informed them that I drove to the city (S.F.) and bought mine from Calumet. They seemed shocked. They said after handling the camera they were going to contact Epson to try to get a couple in. Now all you peninsula, South Bay call K&S and tell them you want your R-D1! (Referring to the old MTV commercial about calling the cable operating and saying I want my MTV)

04-18-2005, 14:38
Glazers in Seattle is also trying to become a dealer. Good people to deal with.