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01-27-2008, 07:23
Hi everyone.

I posted a problem a while back, it's come back again. Every now and then my SP35 fails to shoot, it clicks (shutter doesn't fire) and allows me to wind the film on, but no picture has been taken. The blades are clean, so I think it's internal.

Any suggestions on somebody UK based who could take a look for me?

Take care.


01-27-2008, 08:56
You could try:
Ray Czerkas - 01707 265182.
He is in Welham Green Herts.
He is Olympus trained and 'does' cameras professionally.
He has partially sorted my Oly 35RD but we both agree it isn't fixed yet and he has promised another look. He cleaned the shutter blades so that that they now work OK. The problem lies in the automatic setting which still allows the shutter to fire with the lens cap in place. I just haven't got round to dropping the camera off to him. At the time he was pretty pushed and 'fitted in' my camera with another he was checking over.
It might be a case of 'nothing attempted, nothing achieved'.
So as I said at the beginning - you could try!

Keep us informed.