View Full Version : can cokin' filters fit on retina IIIc?

01-22-2008, 21:27
Well, the title is obvious, but a little background here. I'm really looking into getting a selection of Cokin' filters to have some fun with, and also i want to add a "vintage" camera to my collection for fun. I've been looking into buying a retina IIIc because of their simplicity and size. However, i realized that filters may not fit onto it because of the lens cover flap. has anyone run into that problem? or know whether or not series A cokin filters will fit over the lense nicely after the cap is opened? perhaps i can't have my cake and eat it too.

Brian Sweeney
01-23-2008, 01:48
I've never tried this. The Wide-Angle and Telephoto lenses that DO fit take 58mm filters. They are big. But the main lens uses 29.5mm filters. You can get a 29.5mm Series V filter adapter for the 50/2 lens. You can step it up to Series VI. You could probably make a homemade adapter for the Cokin filters. It will probably block some of the viewfinder.

HOWEVER: If you have not bought the IIIc yet, look at the IIIS. The 50mm F1.9 Xenon is vintage, a little sharper than the 50/2 on the IIIc, and uses 58mm filters. SO a Cokin goes right onto it. The IIIS does not fold. It is not a small camera.

I must remember to check, you might need to remind me.

01-23-2008, 12:37
you were right about the IIIs, you knew what you were talking about. but those are kind of rare to find it seems. I think i'll go with a retinette Ib or Ia. they're just as compact as the retina, and dont have the flip lens cap...opinion?

Brian Sweeney
01-24-2008, 01:40
I checked my IIIc: you would have to make a cokin filter adapter to extend 1" out from the front of the lens. A lens hood would be a good start, but they are somewhat rare for the 29.5mm lens.

The IIIS is not that rare, can be found for about the price of a good IIIc. Around 50,000 or so were made. The lenses are 1st rate. $100~$150 should pick up a good one.

On the inexpensive side, the Retina Auto III is my favorite. Same size as the retinettes, same body size as the IIIc. Full manual over-ride. Same RF mechanism and viewfinder window as the IIIS. It was an expensive camera in 1963. On mine, the selenium meter works. But one that is "out" can be found under $20 and can be used on manual with a meter. So you do not lose anything pver a Retinette. It uses the 50mm Xenar lens.

The Retinette's are "good", but the three-element Roemar lens is not as good as the tessar formula Xenar. Stopped down it's okay.

Brian Sweeney
01-24-2008, 12:09
Example from the Retina Auto III, with the 50mm F2.8 Xenar. Exposure using the still-good 1964 Selenium Meter.

This camera was $20. It is a non-folding Retina.


One other consideration for you to use Cokin filters- it would be best for the front of the lens NOT to rotate as you focus. The Retina IIIS lenses do not rotate.

BUT: The lenses on the Retina Non-Folding Fixed-Lens cameras rotate as you focus them. That makes the square Cokin filters a pain to use.

I still think your best bet in the Retina RF line for this work is a IIIS.

01-25-2008, 21:21

That is a beautiful picture, it shows well the capabilities of the Retina, of the photographer and of the model too!, it has this classic flair, do not know how to express it, very nice.., thanks for sharing.