View Full Version : Another Oly 35SP question!!!

01-19-2008, 12:23
Had a good look at my 35SP.
Done the seals and it certainly took more than 90 mins to get out all the 'grot'.

The body number is 367874.
The body covering is the original, intact, and in place except for a slight 'lift-off' on one side of the lens.
However this covering has shrunk in all direction resulting in a gap all the way round. But the double sided tape hasn't shrunk. As a result I have an edge of dirt round each piece of covering.

I realise that during a period of time and with various production runs in the manufacturing of cameras materials change. So have I got a camera from a bad run or is this a general issue with Oly 35SP camera bodies?

It looks as if I really should do a recovering unless careful use of a knife and lighter fuel will remove the overlapping tape edge. I am going to try this because I can then retain the embossed Olympus/Tokyo on the back covering.

Please any sensible thoughts/observations ?


Steve Bellayr
01-19-2008, 13:05
The Olympus 35 SP is an excellent user camera but it is not going to ever be a rare collecctible. Since you are unhappy with the current covering you should feel free if you are skillful enough to recover the camera. It is your camera and you are the ultimate judge.

01-19-2008, 18:49
Recover it. One of mine has the (goat) kid Verdigris (green) from cameraleather.com, and I think it is particularly handsome. But there are lots of other good choices at Cameraleather, and Aki Asahi has good kits, too.

The point to me, was, that a luxurious covering for the SP was appropriate. It is a great camera capable of wonderful images. Why not make it something special for you, the shooter?

01-20-2008, 01:56
No problems in recovering the camera.
I've used Cameraleather covers and Aki-Asahi before.
I think the former is a bit pricey but the materials are good.
I've had great support from Aki-Asahi and love my orange leather Trip.
I think I will approach him for a couple of pieces that I can cut to fit. Looking at his site I didn't find an OlySP kit but he must be able to provide the right basic sizes from the material he has. I fancy Blue Green Snake emboss. I'll write and see what his reaction is and keep you posted.

Still curious about the shrikage though.