View Full Version : Finally i've found one at a decent price!

01-18-2008, 10:47
The last time i've check, the only one i could find is this guy selling one for more than 200$,wich is quite overpriced.
Today i come in that section on the forum, and i had a GAS attack, you know those things happens...I check on the bay and i find one item n: 310015789104
But there's only a big ding on the front filter ring, but for the price,i could not resist... and the ding seems just an esthetic problem.
I don't know if i've did a mistake to buy it, the last time i tried to remove a ding like that on my 35RC it got worse...
Do you have some advice on a ding removal procedure???Like using a filter to bring it back to its normal form???

01-18-2008, 11:04
What I'm worried is did the impact that caused the ding ripple through the innards of the camera. You know Olympus didn't expect the camera to be still in use 40 years after it's released :)

I would wait for it to arrive, run a testroll through it, if it's all fine, send it to an Olympus camera tech or at least a reputed camera shop and have it fully CLA'd and let them deal with the ding.

This camera is worth it. IMHO.

01-18-2008, 11:22
According to the listing it's in good working order, so good luck. The question is: will you want to use it with a filter? If not and it works okay, you've got a bargain. Let us know how it is when you get it.

01-18-2008, 13:48
I think the price is reasonable enough especially if its in good working order. So the seals need doing - not surprising really.
I would agree about the ding - put a film through first and see how the camera works out. I am sure a lens cap will fit OK and what filters do you want to use anyway?
Not sure how you will work out with Customs to France. Its always a bit of a gamble importing from the States to GB. Hope it comes through OK. Let us know when it arrives.
As I've said in another thread I'm replacing the seals on my new 'SP'. I picked mine up with a 'buy it now' bid, reasonable price, but then it had been wrongly descibed as a non existant model which I spotted.
Anticipation is a great feeling!
Happy dreams!!

01-18-2008, 14:00
I've seen quite a few Olympus cameras with that same ding. My 5 dollar trip 35 had the same ding and wouldn't rotate past 125asa. Luckily I'm handy with plyers, and it rotates fine, and can fit filters on.

01-18-2008, 14:24
Good luck with the repair. They are nice cameras.

01-18-2008, 16:07
I gonna test the camera, and i have some J. Goodman's lightseals somewhere,i'm kind of used to replace them.J.Goodman is a sympatic seller and he also speak French.

I'm a maniac with dust and stains on my lenses, generally when i got a new camera i clean the objective with the "lenspen" (it's a very good product) then i put a new uv filter as a protection.

I never had big problems with customs it's quite rare with USPS and used item less than 100$,If the item is brand new you may have to pay it.
They're generally tracking big items with bigger value.With private transporters like DHL or Fedex or UPS the customs are compulsory but we get the item faster (2-4days).
Here the VAT is around 20%+3 euros of custom fees, they use the item price+shipping to calculate.
I deal with the entire world most than with french people,and mostly with usa sellers, and i only paid once the customs because the seller used DHL in place of usps (it was a for long antenna with whip).
There's no problem for cameras, the seller just have to notify on the CN22 that it is a used item and the real value (less than 100$).
Also overpriced shipping prices are suspect for customs, the problem is when a seller sell the item at the price of the shipping and the shipping at the price of the item to avoid ebay fees.

01-31-2008, 11:55
Hey guys, look what came in my mail this afternoon ,)


I've just finished to do the light seals, i've put a battery and a roll in it.
About the ding,it's a pretty big ding, hard to remove, i tried to force it with a UV filter thinking the iron would fit back in place but it doesn't work.
So i took a 48mm filter and put it,but it's not screwed and aligned,but the ding is less visible,as you may see on the pics.I hope it wont create any vignetting.



01-31-2008, 13:45
Sounds as if there isn't too much wrong with the camera - that's very pleasing for you. It looks as if the ding isn't too bad with a filter in place.
Try out the camera - see how you like it - and then do a bit more thinking about that ding. There is no hurry to fix it - take your time!

Have fun and go take some great photos.
I'm glad the camera came through safely.


Oscar Rubio
02-01-2008, 02:15
great camera, enjoy it!!!!