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12-31-2007, 12:11
I recently picked up a Nikon FE + Nikon 100mm 1.8 / Tokina 60-300m 2.8 / motor drive.

Of course I decided to play around with it !


Nikon FE- Fujicolor 200- 1/125- Tokina Lens-f5.6 (?)- WalMart Photo Lab- Epson 4490 flatbed- USM Low- Photoshop Elements 2.0- Levels / color adjustment / desaturate / USM / crop

Best of both worlds; film depth + digital manipulation and processing.

First scan attempt was with the neg flat on the glass (previous experiments indicated best focus was on the glass), but I ended up with newton rings. Subsiquent scans were from the holder at 4800dpi. No rings and acceptable clarity.

What do you think ? Highlights, detail, exposure etc.

Thanks !