View Full Version : 21mm F2 on R-D1

Charles D. Orze
03-31-2005, 14:40

I'm new to the forum. No problems with my R D1. Has anyone tried hanging an Olympus 21mm F2 with adapteer on the R D1?


Thomas W
05-28-2005, 22:53
I am also new to the Forum, and a couple of days ago, I posted a message about under-exposure when using the R-D1.

I am very interested in the possibility that Charles enquired about. Also, anyone successful in using Contax lenses (with the adapter) on this camera?

Thomas W

05-29-2005, 17:01
Not knowing that the adaptors to do this now allows rangefinder coupling


I just had an idea of using a Sigma/Tamron 14mm 2.8 Nikon lens with the abovementioned adaptor on the RD-1...

A fast wide lens much cheaper than the upcoming ZI 15mm 2.8M lens which I hear will be around $3500...

Guess one could use the 15mm-D finder or a 21mm standard finder.