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03-26-2005, 06:39
Hi to all,

I am still thinking about purchasing a nice user Cord and
I'd like to ask those of you, who have used some of the following lenses personally or have friends using these lenses, how they would rate them compared to each other, related to sharpness and contrast wide open. IMO stopped down at F8 or F11 the differences are not that decisive.

Carl Zeiss Triotar (I own an uncoated pre WWII with cleaning marks)
Yashinon ( I own and use this one already)

Just put the four names in your personal order , best on top, all opinions and comments appreciated !

And a last question, are the Tessars and Planars of the Flex essentially better ?

Thanks and have a nice easter feast !!!


03-26-2005, 06:56
Xenar/Yashinon (tie)

The Planar is allegedly better than either the Tessar or Xenar. The Tessar on my MX-EVS, however, is at least as good as the Planar on my 3.5E if it's stopped down slightly. The Rolleicord's quality was comparable to the Rolleiflex, they just don't have some of the same features, but also weigh noticeably less.

03-26-2005, 06:59
Xenotar/Planar tied for first
Xenar/Tessar tied for second

There is no difference between the same lenses if they are on a 'flex or 'cord.

03-26-2005, 08:52
Well I think i made a mistake with the Xenotar which is AFAIK only built in Flex.
But in general it seems tp turn out that more quality comes with the Flex lenses, Xenotar and Planar.

Nonetheless I tend more to a cord because of weight and size an price. For me it follows more cosequently the original idea to make a small camera for a large neg size .The only real advantage I see for the Flex is a 2,8 finder lens which makes focussing much easier.

Thanks !