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03-25-2005, 08:19
Does anyone have any clue regarding whether C/V will release their own version of the R-D1? I don't want to start any rumors? I only base this speculation on the fact that similar partnerships have often resulted in "Sister" products with different branding.

The reason I am wondering about this is that my decision to purchase the R-D1 is a little stalled right now because of all the QC issues I'm reading about. I'm thinking that a C/V release might come from a second production run with some of the bugs worked out.

David Kieltyka
03-25-2005, 08:46
Gary, given Mr. Kobayashi's stated non-fondness for digital photography I kinda doubt we'll see a digi-Bessa. Clearly, though, he doesn't mind providing the chassis for someone else to fill with digital guts. My guess is we're more likely to see another run of R-D1s with QC issues straightened out than a different camera. I'm interested in the future prospects of a digital version of the upcoming Zeiss Ikon camera. That camera is likely to make a very nice digital platform.


03-25-2005, 10:03
I always hoped that Kyocera would produce that long hoped for digital Contax G. If Zeiss Ikon does it, that would be great for my M lenses, but the loss of possibilty for the Zeiss G lenses makes me sad.

03-25-2005, 10:35
Yeah, well, I'd love to see a Canon 8d (7sZ chassis, modern TTL metering system with spot, new line of L-series lenses mounting via outer bayonet plus inner M bayonet for 'brand X' lenses, imager and electronics based on EOS-1DS Mk II, price point like Digital Rebel XT ;) ). And I'm sure Brian is holding out for the Nikon SPX-d.

But how likely are any of these speculative digital RFs actually to appear?

My personal tote board looks like this:

-- Leica Digital M -- 3:2 [seems likely unless Leica croaks first]

-- Zeiss-Ikon -- 4:1 [fairly easy thanks to Cosina connection, but profitable??]

-- Contax G Digital -- 20:1

-- Any others -- ?40:1 [sorry, FSU fans, I just don't think the FED-d is gonna happen!]

By contrast (and to continue my labored horse-racing analogy) note that while all these other potential runners have yet to come up to the starting gate, Epson is already over the finish line.

With all the complaints about the framelines, RF base, QC problems, etc. (justified though those may be) I sometimes don't think they get enough credit for actually [i]releasing a digital RF camera when nobody else so far has delivered anything more than promises or speculations.

Sean Reid
03-25-2005, 17:37
There are some R-D1s out there with QC problems and many without probs. The percentage of problem cameras should be lower but keep in mind that there are lots of us with R-D1s that function well and get used constantly. I've made thousands of pictures with my R-D1 and it is still my favorite digital camera ever.



J. Borger
03-25-2005, 23:05
No flaws on my R-d1 as far as i can tell.
I must admit i did not thoroughly test .... because if i do not see flaws in daily use i do not even want to know about them.
There are probably some hot pixels .. they showed when i incidently took a long exposure with the lens-cap on ... but i did not dig into it because in daily use it is no problem! And never saw one in a print or on screen shot.

The R-d1 looks good, feels good , is very easy to operate and offers fantastic image -quality.
I prefer the prints above those of my 1Ds .. because they look more filmlike!

Major flaw of the R-D1 is it's brandname .....let's face it "Epson" does not look good on a Euro 3000 camera. Nor does it give trust for the future.
If it was a Leica R-d1, Contax R-d1, Zeiss R-d1 or even a Bessa digital with exactly the same specifications, the camera would have a lot more credit.

I see it on other forums where i post .... people who know i have a 1Ds with the best Canon L glass available .. they think i am fooling them shooting an "Epson" most of the times! That changes drasticly when i add "with Leica lenses" ....

This is not pure snobism ... people serious about photography have a natural preference for classical manufacturars of foto-gear: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Leica, Hasselblad etc.....
If it was a Sony the problem would probably be the same!