View Full Version : 35SP - Stucked Focusing Lever.

Herman Abdullah
11-17-2007, 23:43
All of a sudden my 35SP focusing lever stucked. The more I try to to focus the thighter it goes, and now It cant even rotate; and it has that 'grigging' sound when I try force-rotate the lever a bit.

Ive sent it to the camera repairman (he was not around , and I left the camera to his unskilled-staff), by the way has anybody came across this problem before?


11-22-2007, 19:52
Herman: Sorry no one has replied here. I would take it that no one has experienced that, I know I haven't, and I've had 3 SPs. Hope it gets sorted out by the repair man ... the sound you describe is not good!

Herman Abdullah
11-22-2007, 22:23
How would I take this..emm..no sweat bro, I am ok.

I ve sent it to the repairman, he will try to sort it out in 2 weeks time. I will be glad if he can repair it, or otherwise I will decommission the 35SP with pride and full honour...it served my dad and me well...(drum roll)

By the way, I have my 'new' canonet gIII on duty now...havent see the output yet.