View Full Version : HELP !!! Loading capture one to mac .

11-07-2007, 14:26

This is awkward - I have no idea how to load Capture one onto my mac - it asks various options , but i just do not have a clue .

I have loaded the Leica Digital capture one disc , it seemed to be automatic , but where it's gone i have no idea .

My only previous encounter was loading my Coanon G2 , some while ago , so that the Mac recognises it .

I would like to download and also try raw files .

This musy sound crazy - but an M8 , then have no idea how to use the computer with it !

It was just i-photo before , but i must move on !

So much for postinhg pics on this site - i still haven't worked out scanning !


11-07-2007, 19:55
As I recall, all you have to do is insert the disk and follow the instructions. There is a free upgrade on Capture One's website that offers some improvements over the program that came with my camera; I dn't know if the latest version is provided by Leica now or not. To find the program, use the Spotlight on the Mac. Just type in "Capture" and it should appear. Click to open, then, when it is open, make it stay in your Dock for later use.

While many users say that Capture One provides better color than other developers, I use Adobe's Lightroom. It is much more intuitive for me (not familiar with any program when I started using the M8), and there is a world of help on the 'net (contact me if you want pointers on sites). You can try Lightroom free for 30 days. If nothing else, it will allow you to download, play around with and view your pix.

11-08-2007, 01:28
Like the other post says, try using the finder. I haven't installed it (Capture One) myself, but somtimes when you install software it runs an install application, and sometimes the application is available from the Disk, it may be that you ran the software from the CD or a desk-top folder, and needed to drag'n'drop the application to your Application Folder.

I use Aperture, the nice thing being it is integrated with iPhoto, so you can import your iPhoto library to Aperture, and also share your Aperture previews back to iLife maybe you use the iDVD, iMovie as well as iPhoto then you can see your Aperture Previews in your Photo Assets (like you did with iPhoto) and pull them into your DVDs, Movies etc.

This is also available for a 30 free trial, and has native support for the M8.

11-08-2007, 01:31
Sorry I forgot to say, you need a powerful Mac for Aperture (I use a MacBook Pro)you need to check the system requirements and compare to your Mac, whereas Lightroom can run quite well on an old G4.

11-08-2007, 10:24
mac has a build in capture programme, " Image Capture.app".
Just open it , connect your M8 and transfer the files to your mac. After that you can
play with them in Lightroom, this is less hard on your processor than Aperture.

11-08-2007, 11:42
Thanks - i shall now need to play around and get it sorted - it's a Late G4 , by the way , so an older mac ... but a new mac to come ...


11-08-2007, 14:27
i stuck the cable in - first it downloaded to a picture file , then I-photo came up , so i downloaded into that too .

Now I need a sharp lense ! The pics looked fine on camera but ... There were some intial shots that are fine - maybe that was the Elmar !!!

Testing / testing / testing my patience ...

[ I really , really , hate the confusion and disorientation of ASdee getting in the way all the time ! Not just with the camera ,but at work , everywhere - but I still have not lost it , after two trips to London .

BUT I love my REAL camera - even if there isn't a REAL person around to use it !!!