View Full Version : M3 and my only Leica 50mm lens

11-03-2007, 19:01
I've been loving the M3 with the CV 40 1.4 lens but I really needed to try it with a Leica lens. The only 50 I had was an old screw mount Summitar. I got really lucky when I bought it a year ago, the glass is perfect in every way. I CLAed the focus and here are some results, an M3 and a LTM Summitar:

Nice 3D effect I think

Nice sharpness



I finally tried Costco for developing and I really like it. The files on the CD are over a meg in size. I didn't do anything to the images except bump the saturation a little.

11-03-2007, 19:43
Wow, that's a good Summitar you got there. What f-stop were those shot at?

11-03-2007, 20:01
Nice. What film, Michael ?

11-03-2007, 20:38
Thanks everyone, the film was Fuji Superia 100 and the F-stop was between ummm I would guess between 2.8 to 5.6. That's just a guess by looking and what I usually try and shoot at.

I always hear horror stories about Summitars but when mine came I was surprised, the glass was perfect, not a mark on it.

Jun Yan
11-03-2007, 21:49
wow summitar did a good color job, I also bid one from ebay, it's on the way now:)