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10-29-2007, 07:09
I had the bayonet mount on my 15mm/2.8 Zeiss M lens retrofitted by Zeiss to bring up the 28/90mm frame lines on the M8.

I had previously coded it successfully with a Sharpie but with the new mount I just cannot succeed.

Sometimes, with On+UV/IR, I get the lens selection box 16-18-21, but it flickers.

Othertimes I get no evidence that the lens has been recognised at all.

Can someone who uses the WATE or who has successfully hand-coded a 15mm help here?

I have read that the 16mm choice does not show up in EXIF data.

When a lens is selected as 16mm and you switch off the camera BUT LEAVE THE LENS IN PLACE, do you have to reselect the lens when you switch the camera back on?

In other words, does the M8 remember which lens was used last.


10-29-2007, 11:14
I have a VC 15mm (screwmount) lens with six coding slots cut in the adapter. I painted the single black slot required to indicate a WATE and left the others unpainted. It works fine.

Every time the camera is turned on or awakened, a lens detection dialogue appears, indicating a Tri-Elmar and offering the three focal length choices. The default is 18mm. Make a lens choice, then press Set or touch the shutter and it is selected.

The camera does remember which choice was made, but still shows the dialogue box when it is restarted.

10-30-2007, 09:08
Thanks for that. At least I knew what to look for.

I got the lens coded. The issue was (I should have guessed) that the 15mm Zeiss has a screw head where the final two digits of code should be. Stuck in some white filler and the single black stroke from a Sharpie was recognised.