View Full Version : Scratched Chrome

10-22-2007, 17:17
I recently bought a chrome/black M8. This weekend, I got a small scratch on the chrome portion of the camera. Is there a user friendly repair procedure? It is not a big deal/scratch, however it would be nice to have camera back in perfect condition.

Thank you.

10-22-2007, 18:38
No one seems to have been able to find a suitable solution to this problem which is common. The reality is that metal body cameras are nice.....but modern polycarbonate bodies are much more functional and damage resistant. A sad fact of life! I have tried several times to rectify minor marks on satin chrome and no technique that I have found or read about seems to work apart from getting used to it. The one upside is that over time you will become desensitised to the signs of wear. To prevent worse damage you can try some masking techniques. An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pount of cure. I have occasionally placed clear plastic film - the sort with stickum on one side and commonly used to cover school books - on the base of Leicas to stop them being scratched and on the area above the strap lugs to stop them being marked from abrasion from the strap. One thing I have tried for scratches and shiny patches on the chrome (but which is only a stop gap cosmetic fix ) is to go to the stationery store and buy a small felt tipped silver ink pen. When this stuff dries it has an almost identical look to satin chrome. I then use a small sable artists brush to very very lightly brush the silver over the marked area and work it to seamlessly blend into the real satin chrome. This will often hide minor marks although it is not all that durable and needs rectifying from time to time. But at least it buys you time until you get used to the idea that you have damaged your lovely new camera. I hate it when my desirable new toy gets "injured" in this way, and I sulk for weeks. But eventually you just have to get over it I am afraid.