View Full Version : 44m screw mount lens on an RF?

Canon Junkie
03-21-2005, 07:59
Hi all.

I was at a local garage sale this weekend and picked up a Miranda Sensorex SLR. Its fun little camera and seems to work great. It came with an extra lens. A 35mm wide angle (forget the brand and speed right now, but should be nice optics). The lens is a 44mm screw mount, and I was wondering if there are any rangefinders I can use this with... not sure if there are any converters for this size lens. The lens is not really optimal for use with the Miranda... so wanted to see if there are other options out there.

03-21-2005, 09:40
I think that 44mm screw thread was a special Miranda size; their cameras had a thread mount for it inside the regular bayonet flange, but I don't think any other camera brand ever used it.

In theory it would be possible to combine T-adapters (good luck finding them!) to get the lens onto a 39mm L-thread body, but the thickness probably wouldn't be right to get the lens to focus to infinity.

Since both ends are just simple screw threads, you could get around that by having a machinist make you an adapter on a lathe... but is it really worth the bother? Of course, if you're a machinist yourself, this could be a fun little project!