View Full Version : voigtlander vcII - meter for retina IIa

10-14-2007, 14:13
Okay, first things first.

I love my retina IIa - I got a primo one (works perfectly) and it is under serious competiton from my Yashica GSN, AE-1 and my 20D w/24-70 2.8L (given, nonetheless that the rangefinders are more fun:)).

But, until I get my sunny F/16 genes firing, I need a good shoe-mount meter.

Have any of you used a shoe-mount meter and in particular the voigtlander vcII. Granted, its 180 smackers, but is it worth it?

Also, one of the best things about the retina IIa is its compactness. Am I defeating the whole purpose with a shoe-mount meter?

Here's a link to the voigtlander vcII for your perusal:


10-14-2007, 14:23
For its size and easy of function - it's a great meter.

10-14-2007, 14:35
Ooooo - better hit the wife up with this one quick!

I want - I want!!!