View Full Version : 35/50mm Summicron Lenshood tip

Jim Watts
03-19-2005, 10:15
I had been using my 35mm Summicron on the RD-1 with the Leica 35mm window cut out lenshood but noticed that I was seeing more flare than using this combination on film. I substituted my 50mm Summicron's hood which has the same size and type of fitting for and the suseptabilty to flare is much reduced. There is no sign of any cutoff in the corners of the image which is what you would expect with a 53mm equivalent lens.

Some other lens & hood combinations may also have interchangeable fittings. It seems it is better to use a hood closer to the focal length times the multiplication factor on the R-D1 than the normal hood for the focal length.

Ed Schwartzreic
03-19-2005, 10:24
Are you using a filter on the lens or not?


Jim Watts
03-19-2005, 11:06
No. I avoid filters on the Summicrons. I only use them for lens protection and IMHO the secure fitting Leica hoods offer enough protection. :angel: I hope I'm not tempting fate saying this! So its not flare from an extra layer of glass.

Could be I should put some matt black paint on the hood's rim though as it is showing some wear, but I figure that as the 50mm's hood doesn't cutoff or obsure any more of the viewfinder it still will be the better bet.