View Full Version : Night Photography with the RD-1

03-18-2005, 15:43
Has anybody done much Evening Photography with their RD-1?
I took some shots at dusk a couple of weeks ago that I was very happy with. especially with the way that the RD-1 seemed to handle the mixed lighting.
But lastnight I was on my way home and decided to take some shots of the "Rainbow Bridge" ( A bridge in Tokyo Harbour) and the first few shots that were taken as per the meter came out very very Light/Overexposed I ended up Reshooting manually and under about 3-3.5 stops to what the camera was indicating
Has anybody else experienced this?
Or could it be that I was under estimating the amount of light that was being emmited from the city?
I have attached a couple of the shots that I have kept, Sorry deleted the overexposed ones as I shoot Raw and the card was geting full.
The shots are Unmanipulated as I havent quite figured out an Ideal Workflow yet. :o
They were taken with the summicron 35mm f2 ASPH

03-18-2005, 15:56
I like the first one. The grain in the sky gives it a artistic feel. I thought you said you were in Tokyo but I see the Statute of Liberty. Did you take a super secret bullet train to NYC and back again?

03-18-2005, 16:03
I wish I could do that sometimes!!
But no It is a minature fake Don't quite know why or what its doing there

03-18-2005, 20:45
There's a miniature of the Statue of Liberty standing in the middle of the Seine river in Paris too... I didn't know there was one in Tokyo as well!