View Full Version : Lenscap for a Heavystar 39mm hood?

10-04-2007, 19:30
I picked up a Heavystar 39mm wide angle hood for my CV 25P and as promised it fits perfectly into the filter + stock hood. However, I cannot get the CV "pinch" style lens cap to fit inside as the Heavystar hood has no threads. What can I use for a lenscap?

10-04-2007, 19:42
What is the outer diameter of the hood? I have lucked out a couple of times with push-on caps from older slr lenses...

10-04-2007, 19:50
A hair past 2.5 inches so I'm guessing 64mm.

eli griggs
10-04-2007, 20:32
It's not elegant and it might take a little hunting, but I like plastic push-on lids from household products/food items for lenses and hoods. They're cheap, easily replaced and mostly free. Look around the house at things such as baking soda can lids, Pringle cans, Tupperware, whatever.

Thrift stores are good as well because all sorts of plastic lids find there way there, sort of like an elephants graveyard.

Of course if you can find good generic caps, more power to you...!:)


10-05-2007, 06:43
If you're using a filter why do you need a hood cap?

10-05-2007, 07:05
Anyone (like me) that's had a solar burn hole on a cloth shutter for an RF camera will appreciate a cap for a hood. Simply measure the inside diameter of the front of the hood and try to match a snap-on cap. I have a 39 mm Heavystar hood for my 50 'cron and a 52 mm Nikkor snap-on cap works great.

10-05-2007, 07:12
I have the 39, 43 and 46mm hood and a 55mm cap fits all. can't remember if I got them from Heavystar or another seller, but probably the same Mfg.

10-05-2007, 08:54
Well this the 39mm Wide hood for a 24-25mm lens.

UPDATE: Heavystar just replied and said a 62mm snap cap would fit perfectly. He sells a set of 2 for $3.38. Hard to beat that price.