View Full Version : Got a Leica MP without battery? I think you do!

09-27-2007, 06:33
Hello together

As I mentioned in another thread I got my birthday coming up and expecting some money to spend in Leica world.
Of course the thought of a mp came up. Owning a brand new Leica.:cool:
I never held a mp in my hand so I went to a store to try it.

Thats where it hit me. The viewfinder on my m2 had exactly the same brightness, the patch had the same contrast the advance lever was as smooth and the shutter sound was the same.
I was so happy, because I never knew that my m2 was in such a good condition.
I bought a used lunasix 3 and am one happy camper now.

Gonna spend the money on lenses now.:D
If you don't need the internal meter it is hard to find a reason to spend a few tousand dollars on a mp.

What do MP owners think?


09-27-2007, 09:17
I have both and you are right...for you. The only hard, fast rule is that there are no hard, fast rules. Use the camera that feels right in your hands and is the best tool for you.

BTW...both the M2 and the MP are fantastic cameras. I still find my M2 the favorite camera to just go out and shoot street shots and alike. I just love shooting with that camera.

Best regards,