View Full Version : Where is the Epson R-D1 made?

03-16-2005, 19:53
I ran across this ebay item today which makes me wonder if the seller is not truthfull or all of our R-D1s are crap and the good ones are reserved for the Japanese market.

Here is the ebay link.


Here is what the sellers has to say.

% NEW in retail box Epson R-D1 6.1MP Rangefinder Digital Camera Japanese Model.

MADE IN JAPAN.*This is NOT a*cheaper version made by Epson China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines or Mexico.

Item ships directly from Japan (NOT from Hong Kong). Camera menu can display English and Japanese.

Battery Charger accepts 100-240V (worldwide).

Lens not included.

Anybody can confirm or dispel this information?

Sean Reid
03-16-2005, 20:00
The seller is full of it. The cameras are made by Cosina.


03-16-2005, 20:02
I thought soo. I just thought it was amusing. Probably trying to lure buyers. On the bottom of my camera says made in Japan.

03-16-2005, 21:10
Don't you just love it when E*bay sellers copy whole passages of marketing text and slap it into their sale? Looks like this fellow took a couple of extra minutes to come up with the bogus information regarding the origins of R-D1s.

03-16-2005, 21:19
What is interesting to me is that The seller has obviously "collected/borrowed/stolen" the various photographs. but if you lookat the shot showing the whole of the bottom plate it shows a red "Sample Body Provided by Epson" All the ones I have seen overhere in Japan Thus far have all been Blue. Sorry might be boring to some.
Plus I can confirm that they were only produced st one facillity in Japan.