View Full Version : Found a 35 SP sample pic...

09-24-2007, 14:23
...that I forgot I'd scanned. This was taken on my local beach last November:


Filmstock was Fuji Sensia 100. Sorry for the over-sharpening: that was my old scanner, now R-I-P. Sadly I haven't got a new model to replace it yet.

The man and his dog seemed totally oblivious to my presence. I took another picture like this without them in it from just a slightly different angle, but somehow their inclusion adds a point of interest at the other side of the rock-pool that the eye is drawn to. Pitty he wasn't intercepting a "rule of thirds" gridline, but he was hardly a posed subject and I didn't want to make it so damn ovious I was shooting him by spending time making sure he was *precisely* positioned in the frame. I had knelt down, wound on, took the shot and walked away within about 10 seconds.

09-24-2007, 15:01
Lovely....comp, colors and tones...makes me fell like I'm stepping back in time :)