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Larry Kellogg
03-16-2005, 05:25
Here are a few more black and white shots. The full size results are amazing. Even my wife said "Wow!" when I showed them to her on the computer. I don't know how they look when scaled down for the web.



I think I'm going to do a lot of shooting in black and white. New York always looks better in black and white. :)


03-16-2005, 06:56
New York always looks better in black and white. :)

I love those snow scenes of Bryant Park. A few of those look B&W until you look very closely.

Back when I lived in NYC (my late teens, early 1970's) and got my first real camera, B&W was really all I could afford. Then I wished I could shoot more color, but when I look back at many of the shots I took in that age, I realize that they would look no better in color.

Larry Kellogg
03-16-2005, 07:21
I'm glad you liked those shots of Bryant Park. I also think they're wonderful. All of the credit goes to my wife. She took all those shots. She has a much better eye than I have but she struggles with the technical details. I really have to put her name on those shots, as well as my own on the others. Sometimes we don't know who took a shots because we pass the camera back and forth.

I love color shots that look B+W until you look very closely. My wife took a wonderful shot of the fountain in Madison Square Park, all covered in snow, with a figure walking through carrying a black umbrella and wearing a black raincoat. The only splash of color was a truck with the FedEx logo, way in the background. I thought we should try to sell the rights to FedEx, with the slogan: "FedEx is always there."...

By the way, those Bryant Park shots were taken with the little Contax SL300RT, the camera that swivels in the middle. The results are pretty good for a camera with a thumbnail sized lens. Imagine that.

Here is a review: