View Full Version : any rumors of an RD2?

MP Guy
03-15-2005, 13:58
I would really like to know if there are any substantaited rumors out there on the next generation digital RF.

Sean Reid
03-15-2005, 14:11
Hi Jorge,

From my second R-D1 review:

"What's Next For Epson?

There's been much discussion on the web suggesting that the Epson R-D1 is primarily meant to be a demonstration of Epson's creativity, a corporate symbol, etc.. No doubt there's some truth in that assertion but does that mean that there will not be a successor planned for the R-D1? I recently spoke with Epson product manager Philip Amato about what plans, if any, Epson has for a future version of this camera and his reply was quite interesting:

"Epson is committed to the professional photographer. Over the past ten years, Epson has transformed the world of photography by developing industry-leading color ink jet printers, high-performance scanners, and a range of other digital imaging devices and technologies. The Epson R-D1 Rangefinder Digital Camera is a logical extension of Epson's heritage of image capture and photo printing devices where quality and performance have become synonymous. We've made significant investments in the research and development of the camera to combine all that defines classic rangefinder photography with today's advanced digital technology. Given Epson's ongoing pursuit to exceed industry standards for digital imaging technology, performance and quality, it is safe to assume we will continue the development of high end digital image capture devices for the professional photographer."

In essence, Epson does plan to make a successor to the R-D1 at some point in time and they are planning to continue in the professional digital capture market with new products. It should be very interesting to see what they come up with.

Watch this site for a future follow-up article that looks at the design behind the image path of the Epson R-D1; from lens to sensor."

Taking off my official hat, I don't think the successor camera is coming in the near future. I think it's going to be awhile.



03-15-2005, 21:16
There have in the last couple of months been a rumor / murmer overhere in Japan that Nikon is developing a Digital RF based upon their S series RFs, Last month there was a Japanese camera magazine that had an article based on three local photographers discussing the need for either Canon or Nikon to follow Epson in this "Niche Market" and that "If they build it it will sell". I can imagine Nikon perhaps producing a Digital SP RF, As there is obviously somebody overthere that OKd the recent production of a albeit Limited edition RF. My concern is that if this pans out I think that it would be a stunning DRF but looking at their prices for the current RF I would imagine that it would be in the same Price league as the Leica Digital-M (ie Very Very Cost Defective).