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Larry Kellogg
03-11-2005, 15:30
I bought it. I haven't had any time to play with the camera yet but I will, as soon as I get home from work. Of course, I'll be working late tonight. I do have to pay for this thing, after all. :)

I got a CV Ultron 35mm 1.7 lens, an extra battery, a 1 gig Sandisk SD card and that's it, for now. I'm sure I'll be facing somewhat of a learning curve coming from the 20D but I'm excited. It is a whole new world for me.

Any hints on how to get started down the road? Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the other discussion.



back alley
03-11-2005, 15:45
have fun.


Larry Kellogg
03-11-2005, 18:22
Err....well, this is kind of embarassing. I didn't realize I had to buy a bayonet adapter ring, so my Ultron 35mm won't fit on the camera. Duh. I had this feeling I was missing something but I thought they would throw in that little piece of metal. Forgive my ignorance....

So, there are three sizes of adapter ring, and any can be used? Hmm....ok...I guess I'll have to figure out the size for my little Ultron lens.

Oh, the agony, where are the all night camera stores in NYC? No test shots tonight! Darn. I'm reduced to reading the manual and playing the tutorials.



03-11-2005, 18:37
So, there are three sizes of adapter ring, and any can be used? Hmm....ok...I guess I'll have to figure out the size for my little Ultron lens.

Hi Larry -- Congrats on your new Epson! There are not 'three sizes' of the adaptor ring, just three varieties of the same ring. The difference among them is which framelines are actuated in those cameras (eg, M mount Leicas) that automatically actuate the correct framelines when the lens is mounted.

On a Voigtlander Bessa or Epson RD-1, which have manual frameline actuation, any of the three adaptor varieties would serve equally well, it just doesn't matter. But I figure as long as you're buying a lens adaptor, you might as well get the one appropriate for the lens. That way, if you should ever want to use that lens on a Leica M, Konica Hexar, Zeiss-Ikon, then it'll bring up the expected framelines.

Larry Kellogg
03-11-2005, 19:46
Thanks for the info. Oh, that's cool, I see, it automatically sets the frame lines when you mount the lens on those other cameras, but not the R-D1. I don't ever see myself getting another range finder, but who knows. I love the frame lines and the idea that you can see what is outside of the frame, what is coming into the frame. I have to cultivate the habit of keep both my eyes open while shooting. Is that what most people do? Is it a little harder to see the
focusing patch?

I understand the appeal of this camera and I haven't even had a chance to shoot it yet, except for the pictures I took in the camera store. I love the simplistic nature of it and the fact that I can experiment forever without paying for film costs.

So, a lens question, are there any issues with collapsible lens, like a Summitar 50mm? I read something about the clearance in the camera body and wonder if there is anything I should watch out for. It is amazing how much old glass is out there and at least some of it is fairly affordable. Maybe I can afford a cheap 50mm lens. Any suggestions?


03-11-2005, 19:48
Congrats! Sounds like you'll be having some fun once you have a lens adaptor in hand.

03-11-2005, 19:52

DO NOT use a collapsible lens with the R-D1. There is risk of damaging the shutter curtains.


Larry Kellogg
03-11-2005, 20:08
Thanks Ken! I won't use a collapsible lens. I'll find one of the rigid 50s....

03-11-2005, 20:08

You can find a database of R-D1 published by Epson, on Epson UK's R-D1 dedicated site.


Just curious, which store did you buy it from?


03-11-2005, 20:10
Whoops, I meant "a database of lenses for R-D1"


Larry Kellogg
03-11-2005, 20:53

You can find a database of R-D1 published by Epson, on Epson UK's R-D1 dedicated site.


Just curious, which store did you buy it from?


Thanks for the link to the database of lenses. I'll have to check it out.

I bought it at Calumet. I think Calumet and B&H are the only two New York stores carrying the camera. I walked there during my lunch hour and fell for the camera even though I struggled with it a bit at first.

Right now I'm having a lot of fun taking pictures of my lens cap! I hope the pictures are better when I get a lens in front of it! I already like the rhythm of shooting with it. The shutter is amazingly fast and I can reel off raw shot after raw shot without any noticeable lag in performance. Good job Epson! I don't feel too silly throwing the lever, it will give me some time to think about my next shot.

I'm already starting to get the hang of all the controls. It really is a lot simpler in terms of the numbers of things you have to know versus a D-SLR. I guess it doesn't display ISO in the viewfinder. That is the one thing that a lot of 20D owners have been asking for. It is the one setting you tend to forget, especially if you shoot indoors at 1600 and walk outside without remembering to set the ISO back.

I think the analog dials are very cool. I don't need to know that I have exactly 236 pictures left, just that I have a little over half or whatever. Sometimes it is better not to get exact numbers. It is useless information I don't want to think about.

This is going to be fun!


03-11-2005, 21:01
Me too. Thought I timed it so it wouldn't arrive Tuesday or Friday when I wouldn't be home, but it got stuck at Customs yesterday with the FEDEX guy calling me to ask if I knew how much the tax was and if I was sure i didn't want to just send it back. I knew (Federal GST and provincial sales tax -- a tax grab for sure, especially the latter.) Then because of the delay, it couldn't go out till today, but since like OP I have to work to pay for it eventually, I had to arrange to pick it up from FEDEX, otherwise it wouldn't get to me till Monday!
Battery's charging now. Hope to give my impressions late tomorrow.

03-12-2005, 04:41
Larry, a quick point about the collapsible lenses...

The clearance to the shutter well is 20.5mm, so as long as the lens doesn't go further into the camera than that distance (from the lens mount flange) it will be fine.

I don't know for sure, but I think some fixed lenses go too far into the body to be used, ie the super angulon and perhaps the Jupiter 12. Perhaps someone reading this will know more?

Anyway, I use a Summar and that's fine - it only goes back 18mm. Any other lens, I'd measure it before using, but I wouldn't necessarily trust all fixed lenses, or write off all collapsibles.


03-12-2005, 05:40
Just Found the following in the Japanese Epson World Book, A list of incompatable lenses. The other point is that in Japan Epson has issued - Given to their distributors and dealers a Lens Flange measuring tool (see attached) Its made of acrilic has a M mount on the top and a sillicone/jelly like pad below the mount and you basically mount your lens (If L/Screw then only after attaching a L-M adapter) and if the rear is touching the pad of Sillicone/Jelly then the Lens can not be used!